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Faith to Move Forward


I remember many years ago when I tried to help a blind lady board the metro train when I was on my way to work. Showing kindness is the righteous thing to do, right? Well… As I tried to help her board the train she said, “I got it” and then she got on. In my mind, I was puzzled and thought, “how rude! I was just trying to help you out. She must be bitter.” It took many years before I discerned what her statement meant. You see, her disability did not hinder her from walking through that OPEN door. Be careful not to judge others by their “disabilities.” Her physical blindness did not hinder her from SEEING. She is HEALED and that was her testimony. Know this – For as long as I live, I will always be the victor in Christ and not the victim. I would love to see her again. Keep on walking, Ms. Lady.💜

Valuable lessons


Live free

Say no to having a handicap mentality

With Love,

Aliese Hemphill


    • Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your kindness. I hope you enjoy the posts.
      God bless you always,
      Aliese Brown

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